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‘Mr Gary Atkin is an extremely thorough, considered and considerate consultant. He listens intently and with empathy during any consultations and understands my medical needs and any other needs equally. Mr Atkin gives detailed diagnosis and prognosis with clear explanations and expectations of outcomes, always taking my needs and choices into consideration, before any course of treatment. After extensive scans and investigations to ascertain my best course of treatment, Mr Atkin undertook a large and complex surgery which was highly successful, along with comprehensive follow up, rehabilitation and a course of bio-feedback to relieve my symptoms. Mr Atkin is a highly professional, accomplished yet personal consultant, whose expertise I would recommend without reservation.’ KM, Dec 2019


'In my experience, Mr Atkin is an impressively professional, highly skilled colorectal surgeon. His warm, sympathetic manner and sound advice have both sustained and reassured me throughout a most challenging time. I consider myself singularly fortunate to be his patient.' SC, Nov 2019


I first encountered Mr Atkin in an emergency department when I was severely ill with life threatening sepsis resulting from an acute bowel perforation. His swift and skilled action saved my life. His follow up care was excellent, as was his kindness and consideration. Not only as a very grateful patient, but as also a doctor, I can fully recommend this excellent surgical colleague. Dr RS, Oct 2019

“Dear Mr Atkin, I’m writing to thank you for all the care and attention you have given me over the last year or so. You really do have a lovely manner and you have made me feel comfortable to confide my problems.  You seem to have gone the extra mile, it's a pity more doctors are not like you.  As you know my condition has not been easy at times and I do find it hard to cope with. I am grateful and delighted with the result of the fissure operation, this has made such a difference and I hope will continue to stay that way.” RH, Dec 2018

 “Dear Mr Atkin, Thank you for being so gentle with me at my appointment, for how you dealt with my questions and for your kindness” EL, Mar 2017

“Somewhat belatedly I am writing to thank you very much for using all your skills and perseverance with the keyhole operation to remove my gallbladder when there was a chance of having to change to open surgery.  The wounds have healed nicely and I am very grateful” IVS, Dec 2016

“Thank you so much for all your kindness and care through this difficult time.   You have been wonderful.  You will never know how grateful I am that there are people like you around” SL, Mar 2015

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.  You made me feel at ease and made sure I understood everything” LH, Oct 2014 

“Mr Atkin provided me with superb medical care and made me feel safe” SG, Feb 2014 

 "I found you to be a delightful man and very reassuring. I am so pleased that the hospital has someone of your high calibre working for them". JM, Nov 2013


“Very pleasant and professional explained procedure leaving me with much confidence in the outcome” PD, Jul 2013

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